Hardware Maintenance Services
Hardware Maintenance Services (HMS) is a suite of service offerings aimed at providing the critical post warranty support. HMS is aimed at ensuring that a customer's critical IT infrastructure is up and running to ensure business continuity. S. Kumar Computers Pvt. Ltd. team of qualified engineers ensure that calls are attended and resolved.
S. Kumar Computers Pvt. Ltd. has invested in Software Technology to ensure that it can manage the warranty and post warranty hardware and software support. Today, S. Kumar Computers Pvt. Ltd. maintains an installed base of approximately 5000 servers, desktops, hubs, switches, routers and other critical IT infrastructure across the country.
Service Offerings
S. Kumar Computers Pvt. Ltd. offers a choice of service levels for customers to tailor their service needs. The service time window can also be configured to suit a customer's requirements. The HMS suite can be configured to include:
Standby Equipment
Customers can configure their service levels with arrangements of standby equipment when failures occur and where 100% up-time is critical.
On Site trouble shooting
Repairing of IT equipment as and when failures occur on site by qualified and appropriate engineers.
Preventive Maintenance Services
Anticipating potential equipment failure and providing periodic preventive maintenance services.
Call Log / Track
Customers will get complete reports on the number of calls logged by them and the pattern of break-downs and downtime. S. Kumar Computers Pvt. Ltd. has a System for Call logging and tracking.